Half Distance Course

8:00am Wave 1 Start (Men)
8:05am Wave 2 Start (Women and Teams)


  • 1 loop swim course totaling 1.2 miles


The bike course is 56 miles

  1. Leave Medical City Waterfront Park and take a right on Salnave
  2. Right on West Malloy Prairie
  3. Right on West Tucker Prairie Rd.
  4. Right on Stangland and West Tucker Prairie turns into Stangland
  5. Left on West Fancher
  6. Left on Waukon
  7. Left on HWY 231-turnaround is near Brown rd-Turn around and head back to Waukon
  8. Right on Waukon
  9. Right on Tyler Rd.
  10. Left on South Malloy Prairie Rd.
  11. Right on Salnave
  12. Left on South Clear Lake Rd.
  13. Right on Salnave
  14. Head back to Medical Lake City Waterfront Park


The run course will be 3 laps. totalling 13.1 miles. This is a 3 loop course with 4 aid stations.

  1. From transition- follow the paved trail counter clockwise from Waterfront Park so that you are parallel to Lake Shore Lake Tyler Rd.
  2. Left on Jefferson St.
  3. Jefferson St will cross Brooks Rd. and follow the paved trail to Lefevre St.
  4. After crossing the railroad tracks you will get back onto the paved trail.
  5. When you arrive at the soccer fields (still on the paved trail) you will turnaround.
  6. Follow the trail back across Brooks onto Jefferson St.
  7. Right onto 4th St. around Medical Lake.
  8. Enter the parking lot onto the paved trail that goes on the West side of Medical Lake.
  9. Run into Transition.

For more information contact troikatriathlon@gmail.com

2017 Troika Triathlon Registration



Scott Ward